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As a partner you can make your mark at the conference as well as meet new customers and partners.


The conference has been established to forge relations across professional disciplines and will give you a deeper insight into what mobility means today, tomorrow and in the future. As a partner of the Nordic Mobility Conference you will have a chance to meet the speakers as well as potential business partners. You will also have the opportunity to gain exposure for yourself and your business in all kinds of ways, be it exposure for your logo, exhibition space or opportunities to shape the professional content of the conference via workshops or round table discussions. As a partner of the conference you will be ideally placed to embrace whatever challenges and opportunities the future holds.


As a startup it is essential to identify one’s market niche and build up relations. The difference between success and failure is often very slight, and getting one’s big break may come down to meeting the right person, having insider knowledge or getting the right kind of exposure. At NMC you will have the opportunity to establish yourself as a key player for the future, and to access a range of benefits. This can be anything from logo exposure, exhibition space, meet and greet and the opportunity to hold round table discussions or workshops. Naturally, tickets for the conference are also included. As a partner of the Nordic Mobility Conference you will have access to everything you need to make your mark on the market.


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  • Logo exposure
  • Exhibition space or Lounge space
  • Participation in meet and greet
  • The opportunity to arrange workshops and round table talks
  • Tickets for the conference

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